What you'll learn:

  • How you can overcome common excuses and improve marketing effectiveness
  • Tips on how to optimise media spend efficiently across and within marketing and advertising channels
  • Best practices for effectively handling change management within your organisation
  • How to optimise experiences and results across the entire consumer journey

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Stop Making Excuses for Poor Measurement
"This guide is essential for any advertiser who is looking to move beyond the common excuses for poor marketing measurement and take control of their marketing and media spend."

Wayne St. Amand
CMO at Nielsen Visual IQ
As a CMO, VP or marketing director, you may already know adopting a multi-touch 
attribution approach is essential to remain competitive. It’s the only way to know what’s working for whom (and what’s not) and, more importantly, where you should be spending 
more (or less). But it’s easy to come up with reasons for not employing multi-touch 
attribution – it’s disruptive, it’s expensive, it’s hard, and so on.
We’re here to help. Here are four common excuses many companies have for using poor measurement practices, and how you can 
move beyond them.
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